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Originally Posted by Dracheous View Post
When did Milsims stop allowing LMGs? I mean if that's how a MILSIM is now then I think I'll stay retired. I could understand the organizer getting worried about an entire team of 50 249's combing the bush. But generally the weight and bulk of LMG's keep the numbers of them on the field down. At one time it was purely cost and it was encouraged to those who owned em to run em.
I think you misunderstood my comment.
I did not say milsims do not allow LMGs, but using a weapon from a table top strategy game in a milsim is generally frowned upon and chances are low that it would be allowed.
Milsims are for realism, and using that is not realistic. if he had an rpk, m249, m60 etc... that'd be another story.

Originally Posted by HAMR View Post
Are people really that strict??
Milsims yes, but for your average pick up skirmish games no.
I've seen airsoft builds with halo rifles and the like but those get taken to the fun silly games like skirmishes or zombies and such but not milsim.
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