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Originally Posted by HAMR View Post
Are people really that strict??
Skirmish/field days? No, generally they aren't that strict. It's usually a come as you are, and run what you've brought.

Milsim? Whole different kettle of fish. 'Military Simulation', is just that.. a simulation of real world counterparts, as close as people want to get in a game.. which generally includes close guidelines on uniform and gear worn, with the expectation that weapons being carried have a counterpart in the real world, and on the same general side. There can also be restrictions on the number of SAW's/LMG's being carried on a squad basis, and requirement that they are real world SAW's/LMG's, that are acceptable to fill that role.

I applaud your idea of some creative wizardry in turning something into a fantasy gun .. whatever floats your boat. However, you need to recognize that whatever is created in the fantasy realm, may see some limitations in acceptance by others/organizers at some skirmish/field days - and by most, if not all Milsim events.

I've got my own idea for an AEG conversion, involving a surplus M14.. a Browning M2 .50cal BMG 'ma deuce' .. but i recognize first and foremost that it would have to be a very close approximation to the real-deal, to find acceptance at a Milsim, and it'd be pretty much useless to bring to the average skirmish/field day.

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