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Originally Posted by Chillyrabbit View Post
I think he wanted to convert a M4 CQB into a heavy bolter. You just stated how to do it using a 249. Informative but a little off the mark for him
Well if we're going to nit pick I showed him how to do it using a G36 but suggested a 249. His question was it possible and clearly examples have shown it is. But you know, that's just posting useful information.

Originally Posted by Jimski View Post
I can't wait to wear a terminator suit deep in the woods in summer
That'd be boss. Call your hits before the thunder hammer comes down!

Originally Posted by HAMR View Post
This is what someone else built and what I'd like to do.
Really the only thing that stands in your way is mounting AEG internals into what ever you build. Once you accept the design of what you want then you just have to engineer yourself a mechbox, barrel, hopup and some sort of way to feed it all. For the HB this is why I suggested something more along the lines of a 249 because then you just use a big ammo box to feed it; make a shell to cover up or decorate one of the big oversized green ones from A&K. Really the only thing that will be difficult will be shimming and securing your motor to mechbox ((unless you go straight to a V3 mechbox and then its got a cage to fix that right up)) and making sure the ammo feed is aligned so you don't have double/tripple/no feeds. Everything else is cosmetic.

Originally Posted by R.I.T.Z View Post
a lot of people would laugh.
The only "rifle into an lmg" I've seen is RPKs or a Shrike.

the main issue is finding a group that will allow it as a LMG.
as a skirmish weapon sure. but in a milsim game I doubt it highly
I have yet to see anyone ever denied playing with a Pulse Rifle in full Colonial Marine kit. Only to hear people complain that there's no Predator; but let's face it, if he can go invisible and play with lasers it's going to be a bad day for everyone else. :P

When did Milsims stop allowing LMGs? I mean if that's how a MILSIM is now then I think I'll stay retired. I could understand the organizer getting worried about an entire team of 50 249's combing the bush. But generally the weight and bulk of LMG's keep the numbers of them on the field down. At one time it was purely cost and it was encouraged to those who owned em to run em.

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