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Originally Posted by HAMR View Post
One more question:
Would an all black bdu plus vest be a really dumb idea?
Depends on where you are playing, indoors or out. If outdoors, is it dark or an overnight game?

Nothing stands out better in the foreground of mother nature, than black upon natural colors. You'll generally be spotted from literally a mile off during the daylight hours. This applies to a black vest/plate carrier/chest rig in combination with black BDU, or either/or by itself.

On the other hand, if you are playing indoors, in relatively dim lighting conditions, then black/dark colors can work very well.

If it's a ERU / police type role that you crave for indoors CQB action, it makes perfect sense.

If it's a ERU / police type role that you crave for outdoors, black is so late-1980's.

A vest is also pretty limiting. Even all molle types, with a range of pouches to mix and match. Nowhere near as versatile as a chest-rig or plate carrier.. and it can be movement limiting and trap body heat, if 'vest-tight'.

Most noobs to the sport, with no clear idea as to what role they wish to play, start with black. Once they get a better idea, they usually switch pretty quickly to a more neutral colored (for the environment being played in) setup, as well as the niche that they wish to play in (ie. USA, Warsaw pact, UK, etc etc, and in what environment ie. woodland, arid, urban, etc etc, and ie. specializing to role-playing particular unit or theatre of operations), and the all-black gear then pretty much gathers dust or is sold off for whatever it can be sold for.

I'm one of those former noobs.. I haven't used the black gear, in forever.. It'd be nice to use it, but i don't play indoor CQB all that often, and i haven't attended any outdoor events where black gear comes in to it's own, for role playing. Still got the gear in the closet.. gathering dust.

There is a huge array of camo patterns to choose from. Not sure what is currently the 'fad favorite'.. Personally, i'm partial to my ATACS-FG.. but i understand that it has pretty much gone out of vogue in terms of popularity.. being derided as 'ENDORCam' by many. My other go-to is the CADPAT... but i don't use it near as much as the 'ENDORCam'. My webbing/load bearing equipment is all in neutral OD. I find this combination works very well, in the environment of the fields that i play in. If i lived in an arid environment like Arizona or similar, no doubt my choices would be different, and gravitate to the tan side of bdu's and gear...

In the end, it all boils down to personal taste - and your budget, as to how deeply you can explore the variety available, and what works for you and the environment in which you are playing.

I wouldn't start with black, however.

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