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Originally Posted by sushicake View Post
I'll always go to AEG, I've owned my fair share of GBBR's always end up selling em and picking back up an AEG. GBBR's are big money pits and if you dont have the funds to keep em aloft then AEG is your best bet.

I always broke it down like this:

AEG + Mags = $250-300 gun + $60-$80 10 mags
GBBR + Mags = $300-$500 gun + $400 10 mags

Polar* is an option if you want to save money on mags, but then you have to buy a HPA tank and the kit itself costs $550-$700 depending where you get it from.
P*/DG is roughly the same
Kit - $500-550 for the kit.
HPA Tanks - $40-250
Regulator - $100-150
Body - ???

Only real benefits is that you can run AEG magazines, and have crazy trigger response (P*) and constant awesome recoil (DG).

You can find decent GBBR and AEG's on ASC, just gotta find the right one that suits you! Pretty sure you can find what you are looking for under $800 for both.
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