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I watched a group of 3 guys all whom either served in the military or are currently serving. Infantry. Been in combat.

Yes they understand real firearms.

All 3 got into airsoft and first gear sold to them was GBBs. I am not talking a small amount of money either.

We are talking blow the wad thousands. Probably discussion went "we want the real deal......///...this is what you want if you want real deal"

After the 4th game they played at our field I watched one of them take a $1,300 GBB and use it as a baseball bat to beat the shit out of an old trailer. Smashed it to pieces.

Actually they left the field and sent me a text in the parking lot "we are out of this for good. Sorry man" (didn't actually see the text till later)

I saw them in the parking lot and quickly fitted them with one of my spare AEGs and a few others handed stuff over. Off to the field they went and bam...they were actually playing-shooting and having fun.

Next time I saw them they all had brand new G&Ps...and subsequently watched them clean house on the field.

Needless to say they are back.

Just an observation...

"....Your life is ending one minute at a time..."

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