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Thanks for the informative and well thought out replies.

I remember gas guns being fairly unreliable and the users of said guns switching back to AEG's mid game day because there gun decided to stop working (one time a BB became lodge inside the gun causing it to dump an entire mag of gas and jam the gun).

-Thundercactus, you mentioned running a Kriss Vector. While I might not spend that much, a MP5K GBB is within my budget as a fun sidearm or CQB indoor gun so I am going to look into that.

I think I will be getting another AEG for the time being. I don't know how often the dungeon master (aka my wife) will let me out to fling plastic and the thought of a 800$ GBBR (or 400$ according to her) rotting in the back of my closet makes me cringe. But an AEG might be able to survive that idle a bit better.
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