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I LOVE gas blowback guns; super fun to shoot and play with, but the truth is that being in Canada with a fluctuating climate, GBBRs are not practical for a large portion of the year unless you do indoor play - this is where they shine. If you live in a place like California where it's the same temperature every day they are fantastic guns to use.

However; I have done extensive testing on a couple different gas platforms since last year, and between plinking and game play they are tons of fun, but as I learned over many games, they become highly impractical for a number of reasons.

Many skirmish games don't have any ammo cap limit, which means even if you are running a full loadout of 10 mags the guy next to you with three mid caps has more ammo than you, and all three mags MIGHT weight as much as one of those gas mags. However, if you are truly set on being MilSim to the core and extra weight, conserving ammo like a savage, and reloading alot don't bother you, then it is the gun for you.

As well, given the temperature variations we experience up north, you get many inconsistencies from day to day of use. Small differences make big changes the further you push your engagement distance. If you sighted your rifle in at 25 degrees Celsius and are playing at 20 degrees Celsius, I don't care what anyone has to say about it; your rounds are not going to end up where they were when you sighted your rifle in. Less expansion and higher cool down rates with affect your accuracy and consistency greatly. Gas is a very temperamental thing.

Where gas platforms shine is indoor/CQB play, mid range outdoor play on warm days, and games with real cap ammo limits. Outside of this I am sad to say they just don't live up to everything they could be.

If you are able to find a solid group of players who consistently play real capacity games and/or are mostly using gas guns themselves then they are the bees knees.

There are some companies developing much better platforms these days, like the PTS MKM, however there are still some steps gas rifles need to take before they can go head to head with high end AEGs and PTWs in regards to performance - sorry.

I don't want to be shitting all over gas, I love GBBRs like you wouldn't believe. The fact is that they have their places (indoors, CQB, some MilSim events) while other platforms rule the "other" places.

Take it from someone who spent his first 18 years of life in Alberta; that bitch stays cold hearted for most of the year, and an AEG with a simple sidearm GBBP will suit you best for awhile while you get back into the sport. Then, as you settle in with a good set of gear, a rifle, and sidearm, take that Christmas bonus and dabble in the gas guns. This will also give you more time to do research, see other gas guns in action on the field, and even fondle and test other players' gas guns to determine which platform you would like to go with that way you don't spend a grand on a gun and mags for it that you might soon regret.
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