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IMO If you don't play much, just go with AEG.

You can leave it in storage, forget about it until the day you suddenly decide to go to a game (doesn't need much maintenance imo). In this sense, it is just more convenient. (Only con is if it breaks in the middle of the game, a GBBR will likely be fixed quicker unless you own like a P90 since it takes 2 seconds to swap a new gearbox in)

Personally I have gone from AEG -> GBBR -> AEG. Mainly because I plan on playing only a few games a year now instead, not having to worry about leaking mags in the middle of the game.

I personally use the TM Recoil Shocks and while they do not have the recoil of a GBBR at least there is something haha, along with TM's running quieter than regular aegs, a working bolt catch, and of course the ability to flip a switch on the mags to run real cap (normally holds 82 rds?) when needed while it feeds every single bb.

Currently have a friend's Army clone of it that I am DIY/working on every now and then when I have free time. Put in an aftermarket recoil unit, gonna completely re-do the internals and wiring in the next few weeks (waiting on some more parts) before I can comment on that.

The Army clone basically stock did not have a working bolt catch, but it looks/feels/worked decent I guess.

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