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I have been playing airsoft on and off for a couple years. I always stuck to AEG's but at one point I had a Marushin M500 8mm and a variety of pistols. I always like GBB's because they felt a bit more realistic and switching to your sidearm when you AEG is toast wa alot of fun.

Life happened, sold 95% of my gear and guns. Now I am moving to Calgary and I want to get back into airsoft. However I don't really know what I should get. I was tempted to fall back on an AEG of sorts, but I m tempted to get a GBB.

tl;dr is a GBB a huge money pit? Should I just get another AEG? The GBB's I am interested in are M4/G36 variants only with MP5's being a maybe. AEG wise I would be looking at an AK47, submachine gun or maybe a DMR.
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