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Originally Posted by targetGspot View Post
M249's are intimidating to see on the field but really no more effective and much more cumbersome than an m4 with a box mag and long barrel.

This isn't always true as some [many in Quebec] forbid high cap mags on regular guns / restrict box mags and limit "support" setups to actual support guns. There's an increasing number of realcap games here, too.

Under those conditions a LMG makes a big difference.

That being said, OP I dunno where you play or whom you play with, but while having a support weapon can be an asset it can also limit you: many games limit the ratio of support weapons vs regular guns, support guns may not be allowed in certain games (there have been some indoor games were no full auto was allowed for safety reasons), maneuvering a LMG in tight quarters (CQB) isn't always the easiest thing and the box mags are noisy as fuck -- when you hear maracas everytime you shift your gun while trying to be as quiet as possible... very noise. much annoyed. wow.

I have an A&K M249. It's been very reliable. The mechbox shell is unique but somewhat common since it's a copy of the Classic Army one, which is itself a copy of the old PGC V2 conversion for TOP LMGs; the internals are mostly V2 compatible, motor is a standard short type; inner barrel is a normal AEG barrel, same hopup rubbers etc. The box mags can be a great a source of aggravation, however.
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