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Originally Posted by Hectic View Post
not any more, he got out of that once they stopped "accidently" putting it to surplus. I got my milspecs pants there and he just happened to.have a shirt burried in the basement, but other than an cpl large sizes or milspecs pants and a knock off shirt or two his supply has dried up.
i hear
has some decent knock off stuff but its not listed on their site as.far as i can see
Yes, i'm referring to the Parklands/mil-spec/frontenac knock-offs.

"Parklands - large or extra large"

"milspex (mil-spec?) - size 30-42"

I just picked up another set of Cadpat knock-offs (frontenac top, mil-spec bottom) at Oakville Outdoor Surplus at inflated pricing. I don't recommend going there generally, but i was in town and needed to pick up a spare set for an upcoming OP anyway.

They actually had a few issue Cadpat helmet covers there, but i've got very well used shop-rags in the garage in better condition than these were.. $49.00? Get stuffed...

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