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Originally Posted by bong0 View Post

just would like to have you opinion about it....

Im thinking of buying a m249 or similar to take on support role in games, but this will be my first Airsoft weapon...

What do you think? Ill never and "assaulter" but support seems good to me...

thanks for your insight.
As a first airsoft gun, i think you'll be disappointed.

There are good M249 brands, and theer are not so good M249 brands. The good ones aren't so cheap. Even the good ones, in terms of part-sourcing if things go fuckity with the gun, can be a hassle. SAW's/LMG's generally aren't very cheap to maintain, or feed..

Think 'infantry' first, for your first primary weapon, and then specialize to what you want, as a second 'go-to' gun. Whether that be a SAW/LMG, a sniper rifle, a DMR, a CQB rifle.. or what have you. You need to get a few games under your belt, try a few guns on for size and weight (fellow players generally love to show and tell in the safe area), figure out what you truly want to do.. and THEN specialize.

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