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Bioval BBs - FPS drop?

In my last outdoor game I tried 0.25 Bioval BBs that were given to me as a door prize on some show.

I have noticed that FPS would drop from 390 which was nominal to the point where BBs would fly for no more than 30 feet.

Thinking there is a problem with my gun I brought my backup gun and had the same issue.

The first gun has PDI 6.01 455mm barrel with PDI W-hold rubber. The second has Prometheus 320mm (300mm) barrel with PDI W-hold rubber.

When I got home I measured with digital caliper the diameter of bioval BBs and it was anywhere from 5.88 to 5.92mm. The BBs I usually use - Madbul 0.2 has diameter 5.92-5.93 mm in average. I wonder if this could be the source of the problem.

Did anyone else had similar issue, or I am looking in a wrong direction?
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