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Originally Posted by drakar View Post
I shall receive the gun in a day or two.
I'll keep you in touch.

To make it clear, i was contact by an anonymous person with an anonymous email to tell me that the guy who stole the gun feel ashame of imself. He dont want the reward, just get is personnal life back where it was before that event.

It was a stupid mistake that he know is guilty of.
So i provide a safe adress to ship the gun.

He is grateful of the chance we gave him to fix is mistake.

So, i have absolutely no idea who he is and i dont want to know so i dont have to act like an hypocrit if you guys ask me question.

My quest was to get the gun back!

Now, i dont support such of behavior and never will be.
The victim is thankfull and give is forgiveness to the guy.

This case will be close. But we all learn something today, that the old days are gone. Hopfully just for a short period of time.
thanks a lot for you effort.You are too nice.
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