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Originally Posted by Aper View Post
Learn something ? I learned by the age of 4-5 that stealing is wrong, and still is today at the age of 29.

You want to make him learn ? Ban his ass to every airsoft game in Quebec and all the airsoft related Facebook pages he's suscribed to.

It's not a win/win situation, it's rather a I-fucked-up-now-I-have-to-get-my-ass-out-of-trouble/win issue.
Also true!

The problem remain with all the guilty people in prison right now.
Should we give them another chance?

I had another chance when i was young. Nothing that bad, but i had the chance to take another path for good. It all happen in a couple of minutes that chance my life in a good way.

Now, in this case, i choose to give a guy a chance to correct a mistake and dont fall in the dark side of the force.

Future will tell me if i was right.
The victim is OK with all this.

I believe in redemption in some cases.
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