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Originally Posted by lurkingknight View Post
KWC is likely to shoot over 400 if you're talking about that xfire thing.. it's not quite a 226.

the KWA m226 has been solid for me, no issues and shoots great, I assume out of the box as I am the second owner. I've pout maybe 1200 rounds through it in 2 years without a single issue. It fits perfectly into a serpa, which I recommend for any 226 so you don't drop mags on the field.

friend has just recently bought a kjw 229, it seems to kick harder/louder than my kwa, but doesn't fit as well into the serpa.
Would it be correct if I say TM P226 and all the clones (KJW, WE) won't fit into serpa as opposed to KWA/KSC P226? I believe the same thing is with M9.
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