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Lets help a fellow community member 50% of the way to our goal

Hello guys.
First off let me give you this link
Help Anthony

I know I have not been very active on the ASC boards as of late. To to a recent move and my work schedule I am not really involved much with airsoft anymore, so I am hoping this doesn't seem to forward or bolt.

I am here to talk about an awesome team mate and a great friend of mine and of alot of the airsoft community across the country.

Anthony Forster has fought the battle once with cancer and came out victorious. It seems how ever that cancer is back for round 2. Since has has been re-diagnosed he has made some head way but it will be a long fight again. This of course will take a massive strain on his and his families financial situation. Hardly having recovered from the first fight he really needs our help on this second round.

Now of course, everyone likes a little reward for helping out. Bentbarrel airsoft has donated a custom mk18 that is up for grabs for anyone that donates. There is more information about it on the donation website.

I urge you to go over and give what ever you can. If you can't give, even a friendly hello on the page to show your support goes a long way.

If you have any questions please feel free to post them up here or on

Thanks from the bottom of all of our hearts.
Jordan and the crew at AK

Join us at

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