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I know my post count may be low, I'm gonna say the G&G Raider.

What to expect out of the low budget AEGS
- The quality of moving parts / exterior parts won't last long
- Your accessories will cost more than the AEG
- The cost of time to diagnose the weapon would be tremendous
- Increased headaches and stress of gun hiccups in game
- If it breaks and you decide to get a better AEG, you will find out you could have saved a bit more, while waiting a bit longer and have gotten a better one in the first place.

This is coming from a guy who cheaped out in paintball guns. A budget of $500 including accessories such as magazines in the used market is what anyone with moderate interest should be starting off with. Even if the experience isn't for you, you can always sell it for a bit cheaper and count the loss of money as renting.
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