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Ok, now I'm at home and can defend myself without getting interupted by real work which most of you guys don't seem to have! :wink:

I want to thank Stalker, Miles and the rest of the culprits in Warmonger for this amusing prank. I love your sense of showing your appreciation. I am lost for words here. I'm a Gold member! Can I get my crappy green AmEx card in Gold also. Heck, I WANT all my cards in GOLD now! I'm feeling real power now!...Look what you've done... I've joined the dark side. Yoda!...Help me. :lol:

What's this about my ass? I know I've got a sweet li'ass. I also know you guys like to watch my ass. That's why I'm always asked to take point in a game. You bunch of queer gear sluts softers. Leave me alone! It's bad enough that female babes check my ass on the streets. I don't need to have my fellow friends and players look at my ass also! Don't use the excuse that you were looking at my SPR. It doesn't work anymore! :lol:

Ok, reality check time. We all know that there are hundreds of guys like me out there. Willing to hand out a helping hand for the love of the game to the guys in need. Unfortunately or not, those guys did not come across a team like Warmongers. They are as dedicated to the game as any team that I know off. Team spirit is always high and it's always a pleasure to be on the same side as them. Can't say if you're not.:lol: As we can see, "selfish" is not part of the vocabulary of Warmongers. They are a great bunch of guys! Thank you all again, ya biatches! :lol:

btw: *****
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