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WE where's my G3?!?!!

I still think the only keltec guns worth making into airsoft is the RFB or KSG, everything else is ugly lol, but I remember hearing about that keltec PLR16 awhile ago but from Socom gear. Its kind of a strange niche gun to release by both companies but I wonder if its the same as the Socom Gear one (who OEM's Socom Gear's guns?).

Originally Posted by Skeletor View Post
Wish they'd finally get around to the Thompson GBB that's been in the rumor mill for years now.
King Arms has a Thompson GBB prototype that was reviewed a little while back in May by Warpaper. They had a video review of it and its solid as hell after seeing the abuse they did to it.

They had a full video review on youtube but they set it to private for some reason, still have this teaser video up though.
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