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Originally Posted by bruce
You bastards deserved to die for this! :lol: :lol: :lol:

Here I am sending PMs back and forth to Miles about a mistake that I just noticed with the Gold member status and the free ticket to the raffle. If it wasn't for the PM that I got telling me about the ticket, this would have gone on for a few more hours. Funny thing about this was that last night, I was thinking about selling something and giving the money to help support ASC that we all love and use. I even called my girlfriend to see if she made the donation as I wasn't sure if I had mention it to her. Good one ya biatches... you got me good! :mrgreen:
Lol, Miles and I was messaging each other laughing that you had no clue, thought it was a mistake, even tried to clear the mistake by sending money! Miles just kept feeding you more line and I was wishing I could see the look on your face! Had to finally let you know what it was all about!

Cheers Bruce! Enjoy all the ass-kissing people are doing, you (and many others, but today is YOUR day) deserve it!
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