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Originally Posted by Jimski View Post
a few weeks ago ASC got super slow for me and I got these messages, I get them all the time now, what's wrong?

sorry if there's already a thread about that!
Coming on ASC got so slow and hard that I wouldn't know if there was one

thank you!
Let me guess. Pages now load slower then usual, sometimes a page wont be displayed (blank) and you have to hit refresh to reload the page, and sometimes you get that message, and sometimes while loading a page, you get redirected back to the main forms section?

I tried to get answers about this about 1.5 years ago when it started happening to me. Deff something up with ASC as when I move around ASC when im not logged it in works fine, yet once logged in I run into the exact same issues as you. Even to edit this post I had to hit refresh cause the first time it just opened a blank white screen........ Its 100% on ASC's end. Dosnt matter if im on a computer, tablet, phone, my house, friends house, public computer....its always the same crap.

No one was able to help me when I first posted the issue, maybe this time we'll get lucky.
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