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Okay there are a lot of people flapping thier gums when they don't have a clue; here is the info you need;

For import, an airsoft gun must shoot 366-500fps w/ 0.2g BB. You will need to declare them, but before you do anything check out the manufacturer's website that is what CBSA goes off of. Your TM pistol will not make it in, best to sell it there and use the money to buy a new one here.

Your rifle won't make it in either, sell it and buy new here.

For your reference, here are the classifications that an airsoft rifle can fall into upon importation;

0-365fps : Replica firearm, prohibited import/sale/ownership;
366-499fps : Uncontrolled firearm, legal import/sale(+18)/ownership; and
500+fps (and 5.7joules) : Controlled firearm, legal import/sale/ownership but need a PAL.

It's a crappy system, but it's better than what we had five years ago when all airsoft ANYTHING were "replicas".

Your typical full auto AEG here in Canada is shooting 380-420fps fyi.
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