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If you're looking for a first gun I'd recommend just a generic M4 even a china clone. They're cheap and to be honest everyone who's played airsoft has owned one and knows how to fix them or at least 7/10 people. Plus they're a great starting platform to start learning the know hows of how the gearbox functions. All gearboxes function the same way albeit with some parts positioned differently.

Also you can customize the crap out of them to make it truly yours, a SCAR all you can really do is throw attachments on it or get the fugly ass rail extender kit for it.

Also those CA Scars are a pain in the ass to take apart, you have to take 2 screwdrivers and pry the body apart to take the gearbox out. APS UAR is crap, anything that comes out of the APS factory you should stay away from, it's a cool design dont get me wrong but the build quality is just bad.
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