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Thumbs up g&p mk14 mod 1 AEG

Hello everyone just thought I would do a review and also need some info on my g&p mk14 mod 1 I bought my g&p m14 ebr from on special order from I paid $1,200.56 on this gun as well as have bought an imax b3 pro lipo balance charger and 11.1v 20c lipo stick battery and my first impression of this airsoft gun when I bought it I could tell its a solid gun compared to my CYMA m14 ebr as the crane stock on the CYMA ebr is more bulky and the g&p is not but the only problem I'm having is since had to do modifications to the internals when they were importing it here they must have messed up screwing the buffer tube in the gun because its a Lil bit wobbly not much but still enough to annoy you but anyway the motor and internals are extremely accurate and the motor has a lot of torque in it its just a thrill to shoot and when you shoot it you don't wanna ever put it down because of how nice it sounds and due to the accuracy and its a bigger bonus to be the proud owner of it and I had also put on a Polaroid sports cam and a tasco red dot scope and just looks beautiful and am using a Gen x tactical gun bag bla bla bla I will post pictures later I'm just too tired to post them now because I just got off work and sorry for not using punctuation I'm just too lazy to put them on thanks stay posted pictures again yet to come.
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