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Originally Posted by Barf
Originally Posted by Barf
To echo Grey. Deet is very bad for airsoft. My G3 has a nice thumprint melted in to the plastic stock from DEET. I use Naturapel, citronela based instead of DEET. It works really well (on me at least) and doesn't harm the finish of my gun. The downside, if you can call it that is you smell like lemon Pledge.
Originally Posted by FOX_111
citronel can give your presence away. I spotted a few player this summer because of the citronel smell. It's quite strong and stay strong in the wind.
I'm a sniper. If you can get close enough to smell me, you're already dead.
So am I :wink:
seriously, this thing smell pretty strong. You don't need ninja skillz to detect people using it.

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