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Originally Posted by ThunderCactus View Post
Says the man that clearly has never owned a pair of quality pants with integrated knee pads lol - integrated battle pants 3D
-pants come in american sizes (means small to OMG WHY DO THEY MAKE WHALE PANTS)
-pads have velcro straps on each side to adjust tension or proximity to your knee, or the side to side shift (I let mind droop in place, they always find their place when I kneel down)
-pads are adjustable in HEIGHT, there's a strap inside that allows you to raise the height of the knee pad to center perfectly over your knee
-Don't have to put knee pads on
-Don't have to wear knee pads around your ankles
-Don't cut off blood flow to your feet
-Don't make the strap lines itchy with ridiculous amounts of sweat
-they're also incredibly comfortable

Only downside is they don't come in every camo of the rainbow, but they come in most of the new ones.
2nd on this. I just got a pair of the UR Tactical 3D battle pants and gamed them last weekend. The integrated kneepads worked great and were very comfortable... and multicam tropic is sexy.

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