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JG G36C Availability

So I've done some digging around because I'm looking for my first serious gun. I'm looking for something on a budget and after bouncing around between G&G CM16s and Echo1/CYMA AKs, I finally started looking into a G36 because I've always loved the look of them. Looking up on it, I became more and more convinced I wanted a G36 style gun and since I'm probably going to be playing indoors, G36C is at the top of the list. Well I start looking at who makes them and what recommendations are I get a resounding "JG G36C is THE entry-level G36C." But I've found they're pretty hard to track down. I've only found one retailer that carries it and they won't be getting it in stock for the next 8 weeks. Advice?

(Also, I'm planning on getting age-verified later this weekend when I make a trip to a couple airsoft places, so I just want to be prepared with information beforehand.)
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