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Originally Posted by Cobrajr122 View Post
As kip clearly got to this before me, (Power here was out for the 3rd time today) I agree with his decision.

Switches, you were told why there was a bit of a wait time to get verified, and you were assured it WOULD happen.
We attempted to help you fend off the trolls but you just could not ignore them or leave the thread alone.

I would suggest that you attempt to get verified again next year.
(I personally do not recommend that he get banhammered at this time)

Spend some time on here and learn how to not sling insults and call people names because you can't ignore them.

To late he is banned for life since he went to PM and got personal.

Originally Posted by Switches
I report you and the trolls to the police today at the police station. You pricks have crossed the line. Thank you for hardcore bullying me to death you negros.
And when they contact me I will show them your racist comments and let them deal with you. You are further more banned from ASC. So much for him having honour, those with honour do not sling racist comments around.
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