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Look I'm a newb here as well but have moderated my fair share of forums so here's some friendly advice. Just ignore this thread from now on and get back to reading the other posts on the forum.

Originally Posted by Switches View Post
Alright, you faggots have taken this TOO FAR. I'm sick and tired of all the trolling for a lot of you. Stop this right now, or I'm calling the police on this one.
This will only get the trolls rolling more and there is nothing the police can do. Especially since you're the one flinging most of the hatred.

Originally Posted by Switches View Post
PS. Who's the jackass who decided to put a weird avatar on my profile page that says "You're making me very angry?" This is unacceptable. Remove it at once please.
Yes it can be annoying when someone messes with your public image/profile but, whoever did this has at least some admin powers. Calling them names and making demands of them could cause the attention to carry on longer for thier amusement.

Just relax, ignore it, it will blow over sooner. Even better apologize and realize a silly pic doesn't change who you are.

Hope this helps.

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