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Alright, you faggots have taken this TOO FAR. I'm sick and tired of all the trolling for a lot of you. Stop this right now, or I'm calling the police on this one. Please be nice to me, for I have not done anything wrong.

As for BloodSport, I tried my best to read the FAQs and rules and everything. I probably missed something okay? I get it already, Jesus Christ.

This forum has a motherfucking anti-flame rule, correct? I ask everyone to act like men and stop bullying me like this, it's ridiculous. It may be funny to some of you, but it's stressful for me.

To those who tried to help me, I highly appreciate it, thank you. I'll take your words and yes I've been playing airsoft quite fine on the field.

Thank you and no more trolling on my thread please.

PS. Who's the jackass who decided to put a weird avatar on my profile page that says "You're making me very angry?" This is unacceptable. Remove it at once please.

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