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Since everyone takes a dump on that snappy young Padawan .

Cool it. You are not displaying necessary base behaviour signs when challenged.
such us:
  • Politeness ( especially when you want something from someone )
  • Kindness in times of despair ( and you have not even had despair yet )
  • Pro - Player attitude ( meaning - suck it up - stop crying - be a gentleman )
In airsoft you get challenged a lot - plus fatigue and heat and heavy gear and inflicted pain by some hard hits in rather soft places make it necessary that you keep the cool .

If not.

Then you are already a little powderkeg - sitting on your soft chair at home in your room - and not even out there with the Vets.

you are around me on the field and display such negative - short fused behavior are you in a heap of troubles. Organizers talk with each other. We are all friends in here because Airsoft is so much more then just shoot`n BB`s man. It is a community. I made my best friendships in here and out there.

It is a great Comunity with great people in general and some Yahoo`s which are filtered after they display such negative behavior when challenged in a friendly and funny way.

so I would suggest - You alter your attitude and show the good guy I am sure you normally are.

Cause no one has done you wrong - they were just playing with you.

change course young Padawan - The world needs more Jedi`s.
Dont give in the dark side.

Boss ( the only Sith in Here )
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