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Calm down, you're on the internet and people like to have fun so stop taking everything so seriously.

You submitted your information on Saturday, and you asked a stupid question three days later. Frank is busy and has a store to run. People are tired of this shit, scroll down the newbie tank and see how often people complain, usually they wait at least two weeks before whining though.

Originally Posted by Switches View Post
Oi, what's with everyone here trying to gang up at me for? I read the rules but I probably missed something. I was pretty sure such questions were allowed. Like I said, stop ganging up on me. What did I do to deserve this? Why do I have to be the victim here, eh? Is it because I'm new here? It's my fault for not reading the rules carefully enough but at least you know I tried. Bloodsport, you better not be trolling my ass here. I'm pissed off today from a lot of stuff that happened including one racist White scumbag from a videogame clan today. Give me the quiz or whatever nice and quick and I'll finish it asap. I didn't mean to ask such a question and I definitely do not deserve a ban hammer. I didn't know processing takes a month. I repeat, I didn't know at all. If you lay that ban hammer at me, I'm going to get real mad at you guys. I'm being serious here.
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