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Oi, what's with everyone here trying to gang up at me for? I read the rules but I probably missed something. I was pretty sure such questions were allowed. Like I said, stop ganging up on me. What did I do to deserve this? Why do I have to be the victim here, eh? Is it because I'm new here? It's my fault for not reading the rules carefully enough but at least you know I tried. Bloodsport, you better not be trolling my ass here. I'm pissed off today from a lot of stuff that happened including one racist White scumbag from a videogame clan today. Give me the quiz or whatever nice and quick and I'll finish it asap. I didn't mean to ask such a question and I definitely do not deserve a ban hammer. I didn't know processing takes a month. I repeat, I didn't know at all. If you lay that ban hammer at me, I'm going to get real mad at you guys. I'm being serious here.
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