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Went and watched a few games last weekend. It looks to be a great bit of fun and a good bit of immersion with the various courses and scenarios they played.

I have gathered some gear, other than my rifle. Mainly my tactical vest, some extra mag's and pouches, a shemagh, thigh holster to accommodate my next purchase (not sure what to buy in terms of a pistol yet), comfortable fore-grip for the rifle and a good set of boots.

What I have left to get is good eye protection, a pistol, good set of knee and elbow pads and a helmet (The helmet I have already picked out, just a matter of ordering it) and looking into purchasing some camo pants and shirt.

Any suggestions on a pistol (or any other gear) to purchase would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for all the help so far guys. I can't wait to start enjoying myself on the field.
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