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From what I've read and seen, Cyma's AK line is tough stuff, externally. The problem with buying a low-end clone is the quality control. There's a chance that gearbox outlast you, and there's a chance it fails after one mag.

King Arms may also fail after a mag, but it's less likely because of better QC than cyma.

LCT may also fail after a mag, but it's a lot lot less likely because of better QC than any brand below them.

See the pattern? In airsoft, you pay for external quality, and internal quality CONTROL.

I've got my hands on a 150$ G&G combat machine from someone who wanted his gun reworked. The internal were nice, at least for the particular rifle I had, I was actually surprised. I'd rate them at the same level as a classic army proline. But the nice parts were thrown together by a monkey because they have to sell it 150$ and make a profit.

Long story short, get a rifle that feels nice externally for your budget, expect it to fail, and keep money to pay a gundoc to make it reliable.
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