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OP's problem sounds like a broken fire selector: there aren't that many moving parts in the WE AK.

You can pop off your dust cover and look under the recoil spring/spring guide, the trigger assembly and fire selector are clearly visible without even field stripping: there's a vertical flap attached to the fire selector; the back of the trigger has a fork shape with another longer bar in the middle of the fork (think Glock trigger). In the Safe position the flap will cover both the bar and the fork, "locking" the trigger; in Auto (1st position down) it rotates off the fork but holds down the longer bar (hammer/disconnector) and in Semi it rotates completely off the assembly.

My guess would be that flap is broken. Post a pic if you aren't sure.

Either way, doesn't sound like the kind of damage that occurs during shipping. Not impossible, but unlikely.

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