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Here are a couple thoughts, as someone who has received broken guns in the past. If the gun was truly damaged in shipping as the seller claims. Take many high resolution pictures of the box it came in. Note any damage to the box, tears, dents or rips. Also note how the gun was packaged. Was there lots of bubble wrap and news paper? Or was the gun just tossed haphazardly in the box. A huge pet peeve is when people skimp on shipping supplies. Supplies are cheap, guns are not. Pretty basic stuff. Anyways, these pictures will likely be used in a claim anyways.

If the seller does start a claim. And truly is not at fault. Then I would consider asking for compensation up front. That way you are not left holding the bag waiting for CP to process and hopefully approve the claim.

I wouldnt want you to be in a position waiting (potentially) months for a refund, and only getting bits and pieces of second hand info from the seller. CP wont tell you the status of a claim BTW, only shippers get info.

Perhaps the two of you could settle on half a refund now. And half when the claim goes through.

One of the times I received a broken gun, the seller gave me a refund right off the bat and took it on himself to deal with CP. That should be a benchmark of how we handle broken guns.

I hope this was constructive, good luck!
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