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Originally Posted by LIL'WEI View Post
Hi guys,just bought a AK PMC off classified, good deal. However out of the box the gun won't fire in full auto and safety won't block the trigger. .....Which is a bad sign......

The seller, who has many very good trading rates, refused my request for refund claim he has more positive trading rates than me, he said the gun works fine "One time he took it out" and he think Canada post might have something to do with it like drop the item during shipping or something like that.

So as a buyer who received a half broken item, what options do I have to deal situation like this? And yes I have been very friendly and patient during communications.
Having more positive ratings means jack shit if they do not at least attempt to assist.

If he is blaming it on Canada Post he should open up a damage claim with them for repairs, and ask you to take it to a known local gun doc for a diagnosis/quote.

Or at least offer to pay for 1/2 the repairs if he was stupid enough to not insure it for actual value and the repairs cost more then the default $100 CP includes on packages.

IF that all fails, leave a negative feedback. He can not retaliate as that is against forum rules.
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