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Originally Posted by Bakasaur View Post
Another update.

Agent decided to go on vacation and not tell me. He refuses to open email attachments and blame me for not sending them. I've sent four emails with attachments to two of his emails. Now I'm uploading to GoogleDocs, Photobucket, and Dropbox, so he won't have an excuse. (Unless the "I can't open external/offsite documents" becomes his next one.)

One parts package was 9 days over expected delivery. 5 days after "delivery standard", they won't give me my money back.

Anyone have a good alternative courier?

I have used the following with no good results:
Canada Post/Venture one

I'm considering Fed Ex, but they're so expensive. I want to use DHL, but there are no Depots around me.
If shipping overseas, I've never had an issue with DHL (sucks within Canada and the US though), FedEx, and TNT Express.

- DHL and FedEx shipping from Asia is nice and quick too (no experience importing using TNT though). Normally get my stuff within 3 days.

- EMS shipping from Japan and Taiwan is REALLY good (get stuff within a week), EMS shipping from China and HK sucks balls.

- Canada Post isn't too bad in my area nowadays, but every now and then they do screw up still (Seems like there's 3-4 different mailmen/women that deliver to me, I just wished they dropped my stuff off at the Canada Post office across the street from me instead of 15 minutes away. At least I no longer have to go to the Canada Post office 25 minutes away to pick stuff up lol.).

Only ones I hate to get stuff from is currently UPS (mainly because their depot is at the other end of the city for me lol) and Canpar. I try to never use them unless there's really no other option.

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