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Hero Outdoors is probably the most legit retailer. Excellent +++ customer service. You're absolutely right that their website does not list whether an item is in stock or not, but don't be afraid to purchase anything off their website. I go to the store 1-2 x bi-weekly and believe me they almost always have what you need. They have a few storage warehouses in the GTA as well whether they store their stock so if they do not have it at their store, they can get it from their storage warehouse or will order it in for you as soon as possible with no added cost to you. They do not fool around. They do not try to cheat you in any way. Their products are legit. No foul play. They do not believe in selling cheap Chinese replicas. Their products are either original or they do not carry it. My personal recommendation would be to go check out the store in person. You will never purchase from any other retailer again. I'm treated like family. Make sure to meet Graham, Keith, Jeff, and Jeremy. Graham and Jeremy will spend hours helping you make a better choice. They will help you with anything! They are extremely knowledgeable, down to earth, hilarious and extremely friendly. Just go there and say "Sunny" sent you!
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