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Everyone going on and on about WE's.

WE are a money sink. Part availability? Just email kjw and they send you a new part within the week for cheap. I got an entire new v2 bolt and buffer system for 45 dollars, with shipping included.

WE is good if you GET a NON LEMON. Which is the majority of them. Be prepared to go out and buy an ass load of upgrades to replace your broken stock WE with.

KJW on the other hand...Ive had mine for three years and all I have done is put in a new hop up, and inner barrel and its been good for all this time. The minor issues I did have were solved fairly easily by contacting KJW and asking for a new part.

So KJW is the way to go if you just want a gun that works and are not interested in spending a bunch of money.

Get a WE if you want a gun that you CAN spend money on and upgrade it like crazy aesthetically and what not.

Get a ViperTech if you want the best.
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Is he a spambot or is he a francophone? I really can't tell the difference sometimes.
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This is one of the funniest things I've read.
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