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G&P, ICS, KWA so many choices.

Hey, I am newish to buying airsoft guns, and am looking at getting an M4 platform and am having trouble on figuring it out and discerning what brand would be the best choice for a field gun, not looking for a DMR just a regular old assault rifle.I am looking for some peoples input on what brands to watch out for and what people would recommend!

I am leaning towards a G&P, but am not sure if its the best choice for me. My budget is about 400-500 dollars but wouldn't mind going cheaper

edit: I have good Eye protection ( JT Proflexes and Dye I4's), boots, a lipo charger and a regualr Nimh charger for standard connections, I also have a molle vest and some other assorted kit, I have four guns I got through multiple trades of paintball gear, but none of them seem worth upgrading other then the G&G Combat machine

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