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Smile New to Airsoft

Hello. Just wanted to post and say hi.

I live in Newfoundland and I have done a lot of hunting in my youth (moose, Caribou, duck and rabbit) and have a love of guns in general. As I step into this new world of Air Soft I find my love of guns to be even deeper than before. Just amazed at the accuracy of some of these replica's. Good craftsman ship, good materials and good engineering and most of all the fun aspect of using these in wars is just way to fun to pass up.

I just recently (today) purchased my first Air Soft Rifle (CM16 Raider-L DST) and looking forward to shooting a few rounds. If anyone has previous experience with this gun please feel free to chime in and give me some pointers.

I am also looking forward to participating in Air Soft Wars in the future and would like to get some info on this interesting sport from the vets on this forum. Info such as:

Starting any hobby is expensive, how much can one expect to invest in Air Soft the hobby if taking part in Air Soft Wars events? Not that cost will be a factor in my future hobby, I just want to get a feel for how much it will be, for lack of a better term, basic entry level. From there I will proceed to build my gear over time to meet the needs of the battle field.

Are there tournaments? If so, are there provincial or national? This brings me to my next question.

Can one take part in an event in another province? If so, how is it travelling with an air soft rifle? Reason I ask this is because my wife and I travel to Ontario (Kingston) every so often and I would like to check out what that area and surrounding areas have to offer?

In any case, I am sure you guys will be hearing from me as I step into this new hobby. Or as my friend would say.... New meat for the grinder.
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