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it's easier to buy again here. It IS possible to bring your guns over, but because your 1J limit, you'd need to upgrade to above 1.24J and have paperwork to prove it. You may have local laws in ireland preventing that from happening due to firearms laws or whatnot. So it would be easier to sell your guns and start over. Keep all the accessories though.


everything that isn't a gun is permissible.


if your google fu is good, you can find stores out there, most of them are retail stores with e-commerce sites and a physical store somewhere in the country. However there are some advantages to getting verified such as access to the used market here, access to game signups and such here.


Mesh is one of those risky things. 1.48J and 2.3J bolt action sniper limits is definitely higher, and even most safety glasses/shooting glasses really aren't safe enough to be used for airsoft. It's been observed that certain BB brands will break up on impact and penetrate mesh, other BBs have been known to go right through. Most here will advise some sort of military grade eyewear, either full sealing goggles in most places or eye shields. You can try some of the nicer paintball masks with thermal lenses, they're known to not fog as much.

the GTA has a variety of outdoor fields. There is also an indoor facility that operates year round. I think all the outdoor fields close for winter usually when snow hits and open up again when the snows melted.. then it's muck for a few weeks before it dries out.
I futz with V2s, V3s and V6s. I could be wrong... but probably, most likely not, as far as I know.
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