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New to Canada airsoft

Hi all, just a few queeries I am hopping you guys can help me with. first a Little about myself. I am currently in Northern Ireland awaiting my visa to move over to your fair shores with my better half, although not new to airsoft which I have been active in since 1996 I am new to airsoft in Canada so would be great if you guys could keep me on track.

so from what reading I have done so far my understanding is:

1/ I cannot bring my Rif's into the country with me, aeg's, gbb's etc all have to be purchased from a retailer inside Canada?

2/ I can bring gear in like electronic sights, IR lasers/markers, NVGS, load bearing gear, combats, helmets etc?

3/ Age verification, is this as simple as going to someone who is authorised to verify me and produce valid ID that i am over 18?

4/ Eye protection, We have lower fps limit here of 328 with .20's ( 407 is the limit in Canada ?)and I have always prefared using mesh due to being of the large, sweaty and generaly unfit breed of human so do any skirmish sites frown upon or ban the use of mesh? and as a side note is face protection manditory along with eye?

5/ Seasonal. Although we are aiming for the greater Toronto area that is not set in stone yet, but i would immagine unless the weather is extreme ( like last xmas period) do skirmish sites that are in the south close over the winter?

If I have got something completely wrong please feel free to critique the above and any other advice is most welcome

Thanks, John.

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