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What sort of optic is best?

So, I'm just starting out. I did a fair bit of paintballing over the last few years, and decided to try this out. Mostly because paintball was setting me back wwaaayyyyy too much each time I'd go out. Somehow lost 100 bucks each time. :/ But while I hunt down a gun to get, I'd like to but an optic on here that will actually be useful! I tried a Red Dot Sight before, and ended up never using it due to it being pointless. But with Airsoft, I'd like to get one that's actually going to help. So, that gets to the basic question!

What sort of optics do you guys like using best? Red Dot Sights, Holo Sights, 1x Scopes, 2-4x ACOGs? I've seen some videos where people have things like a hybrid scope (Holo in front, and a magnification scope behind it can flip to the side). Are these actually useful? Cause they are cool as hell.
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