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Originally Posted by redneck12 View Post
Bakasaur, at least your guy leaves your packages at your house, my guy is a total fucktard, I was outside working on the front yard on Friday and the guy says hi hands me my letter mail and a pick up notice. Lol the package was the size of a wallet, small enough to fit in my huge mail box. Yet he didn't think he could handle carrying an extra pound in his bag so he dropped it off at the wrong pickup location.
Oh I get that too. But I'm so used to it it's just the norm now.

Update from Canada Post. I called in Thursday after not receiving an email or anything.. turns out the woman put the wrong email address in (apparently she got F and S mixed up... because Jofh totally makes sense).

I was supposed to be contacted Friday about my claims.. nothing. No word. I was assured I would be contacted Friday, after arguing them about how much money it was. Nothing.

Called in, put on hold, and got no where.
Called in today, after waiting for half an hour for a supervisor (getting voicemail after voicemail), finally spoke to a supervisor. She said that they were wrong, and it will take 30 days for me to be contacted. THEN time for the claim to be figured out. So essentially, as it stands on the $700 gun.. I'm out $1000. (I can't charge a customer for anything yet, because he received a broken gun the first time. So no money there. Now, I have to cover the parts to rebuild it. and I will not get paid for my time)

How damaged was the gun? I wrap everything in bubblewrap before I send it out. When the customer got it, he said the box looked like it had been used as a soccerball. The gearbox was mangled inside, the trigger trolley was broken off the track, the trigger spring was bent, and a few other things. Customer didn't know. Tried firing, made it worse. I showed him the videos of it working before it left my place. So at least he's not raging at me.

On my other package, I bought xpress post. Or so I was told. They put it through regular mail. It was supposed to be at the person's place by Friday. The tracking number isn't showing any progress, and noone knows where it is. It's also still not there.

I think it's time I'll be looking at a new courier. I do not want to send the polarstar I've been working on through CP. I can't afford for them to damage that one.

I was expecting three packages today. There were two cars sitting in my driveway, I was sitting on the porch. Canada post guy went to my box, then drove away. Left 3 parcel slips.

Also, went to mail my leatherman for servicing (Pin pusher snapped off), and the woman was arguing me about the Postal Code.. she kept hitting "2" instead of "5" without realizing it, and blamed me for it.

ALSO: All packages are signature required.

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