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Tokyo Marui - June Releases

Excuse the small photos, but you get what you get.

The new 'Modular Weapon System' or MWS. GBB using HFC134a and the other using 'Ryunguman Gas' method (direct injection of gas into the bolt)

The new BOYS AEG series lineup. HG (High-Grade)

Smith & Wesson M&P9 Pistol (Gas Blowback, of course)

Three new AEP guns - the Glock 18C with silver slide, H&K USP (Silver slide) and Beretta M93R Silver slide. Still NBB but still pretty damn effective.

The *NEW* version of the M870 - the 'Breacher'. It will take a special HFC134a gas tank in its grip and use standard Tokyo Marui 30rnd trishot shells. As per the original model, this one has single and three-round shot capabilities.

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